PIFA Files 15th Petition vs. Cyber Martial Law

The Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) – a broad alliance of organizations and netizens – has filed before the Supreme Court on Monday (October 8, 2012), just a few minutes before the end of office hours, the fifteenth petition against the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, Republic Act 10175. More »

PH Internet Freedom Alliance to protest Cybercrime Law at SC

MANILA, Philippines – Big brother is watching, but the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) is fighting back.c. More »

General Assembly backs right to privacy in digital age

19 December 2013 – Deeply concerned that electronic surveillance, interception of digital communications and collection of personal data may negatively impact human rights, the United Nations General Assembly has adopted a consensus resolution strongly backing the right to privacy, calling on all countries take measures to end activities that violate this fundamental “tenet of a democratic society.” More »


Online Protest: Change Your Profile Images

One of the ways you can raise awareness about the harm the cybercrime law poses to freedom of speech on the internet is to change your profile image in protest. We also have images for your Facebook profile cover image and a header image for you twitter account. Spread the word, fight for freedom of speech on the internet. If you run a website, you may also want to take part in the website blackout protest.

60 Responses to Online Protest: Change Your Profile Images

  1. GERALD says:


  2. aaron rillo says:

    stop this cyber law. zzzz

  3. enneth says:

    I can’t access thepiratebay as of now. I asked my friend in india to go there and it opened there. I think the censorship has already started.

  4. Endless says:

    How can we use this banner as our cover for our facebook? thnx.

  5. I would like to share the quotation I made which appears on my blog.

    “Freedom is never absolute but its protection must at all times, resolute!”
    – Dr. Wends

  6. onat12 says:

    customize – edit html – put in between body tag.

  7. Do you have one for Google+ Profile cover?

    Thank you.

  8. Erika says:

    We Need Freedom 🙁

  9. joven says:


  10. ottos otit says:

    hindi lang nakasabay yang gumawa ng law na yan , kasi nga matanda na @_@ end of the world nlng sana para tabla tabla na. hahahahaha bwesit !

  11. ottos otit says:


  12. Juan y' Ramirez says:

    F**k the Government! kami ang boss mo ha remember what you’ve promise us!


  13. Rogelio Luis says:

    Magtanda nman na kayo, nasaan ang demokrasya mr. P-NOY? Wala ka bang magawa o ikaw ang gumawa nito….!

  14. Rogelio Luis says:

    “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.”
    ― Jim Morrison

  15. Sotto Gago says:

    Give us back our FREEDOM!!!!!

  16. Bebe FLow. says:

    Dae ! alam . Tsk. Panu na lang yung mga nasa Ibambansa ? Panu nila makikita mga kamag anak nila dito ? eto Tae Ehnu >.<
    Freedom 🙁

  17. greenexpertonline says:

    Stop corrupting our space! Revise Cybercrime Law Now! #cybercrimelaw, #martiallaw

  18. roque s. dagohoy says:

    putapeteng na cornerrr tong law nato pak u !!! so2!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. WALANG KWENTA says:

    i like nyo kase pag nag post si sotto tska si pnoy para bawiin nila ung law!

    HAHAHAHAHAH putapete tong law na to wlang kwenta!


    Dear President Noynoy Aquino, remember that your parents died for our freedom? Please don’t let that go to waste.

  21. Clyde Decierdo says:

    pabor ako sa anti cyber martial law. cover ko lang ang palitan ko wag lang pfp dahil nagmumukha akong tanga. pero hindi ako pabor sa walang kwentang batas na ito

  22. nonesense says:

    lalo lang pinagulo ng abnoy na yan ang pinas!!!
    mga bobo!! ang rape 3 years ang kulong pero mag post, like lang 12 year na!!!

  23. asiong says:

    lecheng cymber crime law .. ?

  24. Raphael says:

    Kahit blocked na ang favorite sites natin, pwede parin natin itong ma-access. Sa pamamagitan ng paggamit ng mga Proxy Servers.

  25. Rovi says:

    Napatupad na ba talaga ngayon?? D ba anti rin ang DJ sa Law na un??

  26. Spoon says:

    hahayy ! >..<

  27. damn sucks! heLL! nuh ba yan! pampagawa nga ng cLass rooms waLa siLa, kuLungan pa kaya! anung katangahan ba nman yan!.ang daming batas na pdeng ipatupad yun pa! suss nman! kabobohan!

  28. kaLokohan nman niLa! kikitid ng utak! tung unu lang!

  29. matthew says:

    stop this cybercrime because we need freedom

  30. dakx says:

    hindi nman tama to…ehh kung ganun paralyze ang ibang transactions ng mga private sectors na my mga kanya kanyang account through net…

  31. bhoszjhertz says:

    hndi tamang ipatumad ang batas ng cybercrime isang kalokohan ang lahat ng yan

  32. […] The approval of the Cybercrime Prevention Act, otherwise known as the Republic Act No. 10175, has drawn a public outrage, sparking protests in the streets and in the cyber community as well. Paul Tassi compared the Philippine law with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and said “SOPA’s proposed censorship sounds downright lax by comparison.” Image credit: Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance […]

  33. Found this in the news, glad you folks are continuing to get the word out :D. I’d like to join the Tuesday action! Where can I sign up?

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  35. In the meantime, it must be “nice,” for the “Left,” in
    particular, to embrace such a “Universal Love,”
    but merely as the kind of option, or “pleasure,” rather than duty, on behalf
    of the “Inherently Undeviatable Tao,” in either
    case, which hesitates not to take all the “liberties”
    it pleases; just as the “Christian Conservatives,” at the other end, are plain
    liars, too, for the most part, especially to themselves, after the manner of Matthew 7:
    15-29, systematically “sanctifying” their wickedness under
    a cloak of “righteousness. He played the ROLE of a SKUNK here, or, as Cagney had said, a “coppa,” but, in his case, rarely, and, of course, only quite fictionally, as well as, thus, just as propagandistically, but for otherwise the very best of reasons, and by, again, otherwise, the very best of men, and, maybe, though not probably, no merely typical “actor” either. I’d long ago been of the prevailing impression that it takes guts not to run away from a fight, even as I nevertheless obediently did the opposite; but I have come to discover, since then, that the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, and must continue to do, is patiently wait for Him to finally settle the matter, rather than taking things entirely into my own hands.

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