PIFA Files 15th Petition vs. Cyber Martial Law

The Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) – a broad alliance of organizations and netizens – has filed before the Supreme Court on Monday (October 8, 2012), just a few minutes before the end of office hours, the fifteenth petition against the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, Republic Act 10175. More »

PH Internet Freedom Alliance to protest Cybercrime Law at SC

MANILA, Philippines – Big brother is watching, but the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) is fighting back.c. More »

General Assembly backs right to privacy in digital age

19 December 2013 – Deeply concerned that electronic surveillance, interception of digital communications and collection of personal data may negatively impact human rights, the United Nations General Assembly has adopted a consensus resolution strongly backing the right to privacy, calling on all countries take measures to end activities that violate this fundamental “tenet of a democratic society.” More »


Unity Statement of the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) & List of members #PIFAph

internet freedom PIFAph

The Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) started in a facebook page as a broad coalition of individuals and organizations seeking to amend / remove the provisions which threaten Internet Freedom in Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. In the long-term, it aims to be the bastion of this freedom.

Please read our unity statement and decide if you want to be a member of the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance by signing here or the form below the cut. (Email address will not be shown but will be used to communicate with you)


We are a broad alliance of organizations and individuals who stand together to protect our basic rights to liberty and dignity – including the right to privacy, and freedom of expression, speech, sexuality, and mobility – on the Internet. These rights are currently being threatened by the implementation of Republic Act 10175, or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. As a neutral, non-partisan movement, PIFA stands at the forefront of the struggle for internet freedom of the Filipino people.

We oppose RA 10175 as it contains provisions that are oppressive, susceptible to abuse, and against the fundamental liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. We also find it unacceptable that there was insufficient public consultation while the bill was being discussed, subjecting stakeholders to a law that does not reflect their best interests.

We see the Internet as a venue for education, expression, and empowerment, but RA 10175 focuses on the Internet as a platform for criminal activities. We reject this law that threatens the legitimate online activities and interactions of the Filipino people.

We will take the battle online, to the streets, and before the courts of law – to all possible venues for engagement . We will defend Internet Freedom, a right recently enshrined in the UN International Bill of Human Rights, which the Philippines has an international obligation to uphold. We call on those who passed this law to take responsibility for their actions. We urge the High Court to declare RA 10175 unconstitutional. And we strongly urge President Aquino to heed the call of the people and withdraw his support for this unjust law. We encourage all stakeholders to oppose this measure and continue defending their rights, online and offline.

The government’s primary obligation to its people is to protect our fundamental rights and liberties. Failure of the government to fulfill its obligation does violence to the democracy upon which it is founded. This era would be no different from the dark ages of Martial Law. And never again shall we let that happen.

List of Signatories: ( to be updated daily )

344 signatories as of October 20 , 4:00 PM

To join PIFA, sign up here or fill up the form below:

11 Responses to Unity Statement of the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) & List of members #PIFAph

  1. […] Statement: PIFA Unity Statement Website: http://pifa.ph/ Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/pifa.ph Facebook […]

  2. ConcernedMindanaoan says:

    Hi. I know this unrelated to the cybercrime law but is potentially a great threat to freedom of people of mindanao. Recently the government approved Bangsamoro. This will give the Bangsamoro the freedom to create and impose taxes on constituents of territories included. Also it will give them the freedom to form judicial systems with the Shariah law as the constitution which is very intolerant of non-muslims. I am concerned about the dangers this will pose on non-muslim communities in the included areas.

  3. dante says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to join this noble cause to fight this act of curtailing our fundamental rights. My online radio station is always ready to serve our group as an instrument to further our campaign and get more netizens to join our group. Please feel free to contact me or visit our radio website so we can help strengthen our advocacy. Gob Bless us all!

  4. […] See List of Signatories: ( to be updated daily ) Human Rights Online Philippines does not hold copyright over these materials. Author/s and original source/s of information are retained including the URL contained within the tagline and byline of the articles, news information, photos etc. Rate this:Share this:SharePrintDiggEmailLike buttonAddThisShare on TumblrLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

  5. Apple says:

    Government cannot stop us from opposing this law. Like Att. Labog said, internet is the only bastion of pure freedom, and enforcing that law will end our freedom or expression and speech.

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