PIFA Files 15th Petition vs. Cyber Martial Law

The Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) – a broad alliance of organizations and netizens – has filed before the Supreme Court on Monday (October 8, 2012), just a few minutes before the end of office hours, the fifteenth petition against the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, Republic Act 10175. More »

PH Internet Freedom Alliance to protest Cybercrime Law at SC

MANILA, Philippines – Big brother is watching, but the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) is fighting back.c. More »

General Assembly backs right to privacy in digital age

19 December 2013 – Deeply concerned that electronic surveillance, interception of digital communications and collection of personal data may negatively impact human rights, the United Nations General Assembly has adopted a consensus resolution strongly backing the right to privacy, calling on all countries take measures to end activities that violate this fundamental “tenet of a democratic society.” More »


Website Blackout Protest

If you run a website, please consider joining us in a website blackout protest/awareness raising for the cybercrime law. To join, you simply need to attach the following script to your website. The script will start blacking out your website from October 2 onwards. Your website visitors will be shown a blackout splash page with a link to this website and a link that will dismiss the blackout.

Using the default script, visitors will get a cookie to remove the blackout after they’ve clicked through. The blackout will return after a day to remind your visitors about the Cybercrime bill. If you want a different behavior, feel free to modify the scripts or request for it on the comments.

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://pifa.ph/blackout/call-to-action-min.js"></script>

If your site is already using jQuery, you can remove the line that includes jQuery. If you are able to, it would help our hosting if you can host the script in your own server. You may download various versions of the script, depending on your needs:

Users of social media sites can also take part in the online protest by changing their profile pictures or posting cybercrime protest images.


For Blogger.com blogs, this script will only work on a simple layout. Edit your layout and add a new HTML/Javascript gadget to your blog. The following code will add the script and a button linking to the PIFA website:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://pifa.ph/blackout/call-to-action-min.js"></script>
<a href="http://pifa.ph"><img src="http://pifa.ph/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/pifa-web-button.png" /></a>

For Tumblr, this may only work with certain layouts. Edit your layout, open your description textbox and paste the default code into your description.

202 Responses to Website Blackout Protest

  1. Therene says:

    I was planning to black out all of my tumblr blogs but the code snippet doesn’t work… Is there a turnaround for this?

  2. Alexus says:

    How can I add the blackout splash page on my blogger???sorry, newbie here

  3. hell says:

    how do you attach this on blogger?

  4. June Justine says:

    Any WordPress plugin available? Thanks.

    • ZeroByte says:

      No wordpress plugin available yet, we’d be happy if anyone can develop one. If you’re comfortable with editing your wordpress layout you can go to your dashboard, go to Appearance>Editor>Header. Add in the code just before ‘‘

  5. […] the protest by blacking out your profile pictures. You can also blackout your website by following these […]

  6. nursegermz says:

    how about for wordpress hosted domain sites?

  7. Chris A. says:

    Using blogger and the code works perfectly.

    I’ve pasted it in my other blogs to spread awareness and for people to take action, that is the least I can do. I may not be there to physically expressed my disappointment and grievances over a highly exploitative parts of a potentially good law but I’ll make sure to rally online where I have more power.

  8. […] the blackout, get the code here. Code will work for most websites, Blogger and Tumblr. Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to […]

  9. Renneth says:

    I believe you may edit call-to-action-min.js to asynchronously fetch jquery if not yet loaded.

    good job

  10. purpel says:

    it works perfectly for tumblr, thanks. No to #CyberCrime Law

  11. katrina says:

    mahirap for free wordpress blogs because we don’t have access to html or plugins. i’ve since put up a static front page though, for one of the sites, the closest i could get to doing a protest. so hindi siya blackout, pero nando’n yung protest.

    create a page with the protest image and publish it.
    go to appearance, reading, then select the option to have a static page. it will give you options, choose the blackout page with the protest image. 🙂

    here’s what one of my blogs looks like: http://missedexhibits.wordpress.com.

  12. katrina says:

    and you can do it on your about.me sites. — http://about.me/katrinastuartsantiago

  13. dodo says:

    It didn’t work. >> “Using the default script, visitors will get a cookie to remove the blackout after they’ve clicked through.”

  14. Sandomeng says:

    Can I use this on twiiter?

  15. Matt Angeles says:

    I want the script to show Anti-cybercrime law splash every time viewers are idle for a minute or two. How do I go about doing that?

  16. Matt Angeles says:

    Can anyone tell me if it’s working on my site? Seem to have missed if it did… http://kristovblue.tumblr.com and if anyone knows if I can make it appear every time people it’s idle. Thank you 🙂

  17. Ritchie says:

    wow! Thanks for the script! I highly appreciated it. Thank you!

  18. Alison says:

    Can’t seem to make the blackout show everytime the user visits a page. What exactly do I change in the scripts here? Do I just copy paste the given url for always show?

    • Use the “always-show” version of the script.

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  19. WAHMaholic says:

    If you’re using the Thesis theme for WordPress, just go to Site Options -> Stats Software/Scripts on your WP dashboard and paste the script in the box.

  20. mayee says:

    Thank you for sharing. My blog is powered by tumblr and this code worked for me

  21. Asado says:

    Works on my Tumblr. #JunkRA10175

  22. Ada says:

    Maraming salamat po sa codes! I have a Blogger blog and it worked for me 🙂

  23. Nichole says:

    Works best on tumblr! 🙂 No to cybercrime law!

  24. Kevin Paquet says:


    Kevin from Pinoy Teens here. Glad you’re exerting effort in doing this.

    However, I have this one suggestion…

    Could you have the code link to a more informative page? Like all the stuff people should know about the Cybercrime Law, why it’s unethical, unconstitutional, how it came to it, etc… It just leads to this homepage eh, and for someone who isn’t well knowledged about this, it won’t be of great interest or help.

    Just a suggestion. 🙂

  25. […] read: http://pifa.ph/website-blackout-protest/ […]

  26. earl magbanua says:
  27. Neuee says:

    I’ve noticed that my site has jquery version 1.7.1 and it’s not working, had to include the 1.7.2 for it to work.

  28. […] the protest: http://pifa.ph/website-blackout-protest/ This entry was posted in Chants, Grunts, Rants and tagged protest by Pabile. Bookmark the […]

  29. hi. got something for weebly as well? thanks

  30. Wert says:

    Lets do it!

  31. […] you own a website you can also join the cause. You can get the script from http://pifa.ph/website-blackout-protest/ and add it on your website. Tweet Your Name […]

  32. Mika Laiyne Flayre says:

    the internet is the only thing that makes life worth living. Are they gonna stop us from enjoying it just because someone disrespected the government?

  33. aidenphat says:

    nice!! go Philippines

  34. Bebe FLow. says:

    Nyaw ! Thank’s 4 the script ! I highly appreciated it. Ty!

  35. Peter Angelo Baldoza says:

    Stop Cybercrime Law!

  36. KazeFlame says:

    Works on my wordpress!
    Stop Cybercrime law!

  37. Jem says:

    Thank’s 4 the script ! I highly appreciated it.
    Stop Cybercrime law!

  38. S. Surashu says:

    Works awesomely on my Tumblr blog. 🙂

  39. […] the link on the original image). You can access the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance Page here or by clicking on the graphic […]

  40. Hi, folks! What’s up next?

  41. A. Random Hapa says:

    Worked great on my library blog (via Blogger). You’ll see the results from my free-Wordpress food blog if you follow the pingback previous to this comment. I know I’m behind a lot of y’all since I’m in the States.

  42. felycap says:

    pagamit po

  43. Raphael says:

    Salamat. ginamit ko yung version ng javascript na “call-to-action-always-show.js” sa site ng section namin http://gdeocampo.webs.com/ thanks

  44. Nicky says:

    Salamat for the script Jeiel! Works great on Tumblr.

  45. Mike Kilo 2-6 says:
  46. ajcm says:

    thanks:)) good job

  47. ajcm says:

    Thank’s 4 the script ! Stop Cybercrime Law!

  48. MariaErlyn says:

    Revamping my sites now to incorporate the images. Thanks for sharing.

  49. ajcm says:


  50. do you have any tweak to the blogger code in which na once a day yung labas nung message e every visit sya lalabas kahit ilang beses siya mapuntahan per day? thanks

  51. Jun says:

    Freedom we’re we leave , freedom shall we die …

  52. Suzie says:

    If I knew how to alter HTML code or even understand where to add this I would. Sorry I cannot help. I do support you in this.

  53. […] taken more steps to demonstrate their opposition. The Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance has been encouraging a SOPA-style blackout protest and yesterday initiated a protest march to the Supreme Court. On social media—where many have […]

  54. Amor says:

    Hello po, I created a WordPress plugin that will put a fixed ‘Stop Cyber Martial Law’ ribbon image on the top right corner of the website. The image is linked to your website.

  55. peter carey says:

    I suggest that you should ask help from anonymous the finest hacker in USA!!!!

  56. Mark Llego says:

    Thank you so much for this! Mas gumaan ung trabaho ko. Naisip ko din kasi gawin i2 sa forum site ko 🙂 please visit us @ http://www.astigtayo.com

    Stop Cyber Martial Law!

  57. boy basag says:

    can we start a rebellion?

  58. R.A.M. says:

    I really like this site, and how it really aims to stop that law. I agree whole-heartedly that this is very unreasonable and practically againts our rights to freedom of speech.

    If I can, can I make a blog like this in the tumblr community? There are some other ways that ca be isee to protest there, and a lot of us also disagree with the law.

    If you may, please reply or send me an email. Thank you and keep going! 🙂

  59. […] taken more steps to demonstrate their opposition. The Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance has been encouraging a SOPA-style blackout protest and yesterday initiated a protest march to the Supreme Court. On social media—where many have […]

  60. Ada says:

    I need help po. BADLY. How do I permanently remove this widget from my blog? I removed the widget because it messed up my layout. But every time I install a new theme, the PIFA widget keeps appearing! The reason why I want this gone is because it totally wrecked my layout. Sidebar widgets just appear at the bottom and no matter what adjustments I make, wala pong nangyayari. Please naman po. Help me PERMANENTLY remove this :'(

  61. Benj says:

    hi there! thanks for this code… anyways, can i add this article to my website? hope to hear from the admin.

    contact me 09083688005. i want to join PIFA. thanks.

  62. […] This has came to my attention to support the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance(PIFA.ph). I made a WordPress plugin for Website Blackout Protest. This plugin had been used by hundreds of blog protestors based from the Call-To-Arms script(in which I have enhanced the script and load JQuery file synchronously): http://pifa.ph/website-blackout-protest/. […]

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